Diary of Thankfulness

I have decided to start writing down all kinds of blessings and reasons for thankfulness that I can find in my life. I already have a small notebook for that, but as always, the first words are oh, so, so, SO difficult!

I hate fake things. Things that are good, yeah, but which only come from one’s head and not the heart. I’m an all-or-nothing person and that makes it very difficult for me to keep track of good things if/when I’m somehow down. When I’m down, I’m DEEP down, all the way. And when I’m high (well not high, but… you get the drift) it’s higher than the highest heaven. In the middle… let’s just say, there’s not much there.

Positive thinking methods and such seem to me like brain washing, convincing oneself to believe things that aren’t true. But now I decided to try to teach myself to remember, that even when things are bad, the good things are still there. And like it’s said in 1. Thess. 5:18:

give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus

I know the list is long when I start writing them down. But of course the first one(s) should be special. They start the entire book. So I can’t have it be something like “I have a nice dog”. And once I write it down in the book, it’s there. So I need to be sure I choose right.

Sometimes I wish I’d be (way) more impulsive.