I’m giving my piano away. And it’s hard – I don’t want to. But for certain reasons I really don’t have any reasonable options. I’ve been postponing this for a long time and now the time is up.

I don’t really know how to even play the piano. For me it’s a tool I’ve used when writing songs. And having to give it up feels a bit like a final death after a very long coma of not being able to write – or play, or sing – anything.

I’ll still have my flute. And my guitar. But for some reason they don’t replace the piano, even though I’m much better at playing them.

Having to give the piano away feels like God finally giving up on me. I know that’s silly and not true but that’s how I feel.

My only consolation, although a very slim one, is that it goes to a very good home where it can serve God much better than in my living room gathering dust and dog hair.