Where to?

I haven’t written much here, but I still do think about this blog a lot. I did think about it seriously before starting it in the first place. But now I’m wondering – since my writing is so very sporadic – if I should’ve left the blog unborn. Yes, I’m very much lost in my faith and not doing so well health- and energywise, but I want to write. I need to write. It’s like my prayer to God, the prayer I’m not good at all otherwise.

Now I’m wondering why the writing is so difficult.

  1. No energy, along with congnitive problems due to brainfog – I’m sure God is bigger than this issue and if my writing is something He wants me to do, He can give me the help I need here.
  2. Difficult to concentrate in the middle of all the distractions and with no place of “my own” (my family are living very tightly at the moment) – this can be beaten with a healthy dose of self-discipline, a headset and hoping that the teen goes early to bed.
  3. Language? No. My native language is Finnish but even though my English isn’t perfect, it’s very easy for me to write. I don’t really even need a dictionary but very rarely. Since I started blogging years ago I’ve always written in English.
  4. I have no blogging community... yes, I miss this. It’s a great addition in writing, to encourage, inspire and even teach. Back in the day there were several blogs I used to follow, those people read my blog and they became like friends. Then, I think Facebook happened. Or something. One by one my fellow bloggers disappeared. So did I. I’m glad at least a couple of those people are now in my Facebook friends list.

That’s to name a few. So now I’m thinking to see if this blog hits off properly or not. I’m trying to read other blogs to get inspired. And also, I’ll consider if I should, after all, start writing in Finnish. Bi-lingual blogwould be too much work. In Finnish there aren’t many Christian blogs online, so maybe one more would be needed? Or not. But the possible blogging community would be even more limited. And to be fair – there are certain aspects in Finnish online Christianity that I do not wish to be faced with.

I’m praying that God will show me my place and the right venue. Soon. I don’t know if it’s this blog or not. We’ll see.